Windsor and the surrounding area is steeped in the history of England and its Royal Heritage. The castle is Queen Elizabeth II's preferred residence, with the Royal Standard being flown when she is in residence.

Windsor is situated on the river Thames, Windsor is surrounded by many historical sites including Runnymede, Eton School and the Great Park, as well as Ascot.

Windsor town grew up around the Castle in the Middle Ages, and consequently many of its buildings have links to historical figures such as Nell Gwynn and Sir Christopher Wren.

The Guildhall (right) was where Prince Charles married Camilla in a civil Royal wedding ceremony.

Nearby horse racing fans will wish to see Ascot most famous for 'Royal Ascot', one of the traditional events of the British social and sporting calendar, and usually attended by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

Across the river from Windsor is Eton, probably the most famous school in the world. The town itself is rich with historical buildings and artefacts, including a pair of stocks outside The Cockpit, a famous location for cockfighting..

Windsor has many attractions; excellent restaurants and cafe's with an abundance of good food and a wide variety of interesting shops.

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